French Street


23 May 2018

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French Street

Cezayir or French Street is, what china town is to New York or Indian Street is to London. It looks like a street from France with its colourful cafes, restaurants and shops.

Street is an urban transformation project, was opened in 2003, for the purpose of showing good relationship between France and Turkey. I have to say this street definitely gave this area a new identity. The Cezayir Street was gone, replaced with French Street which contains colorful and charming houses,shops and restaurants. Project aim to reflect French architecture and lifestyle and got the attention from both locals and tourists in Istanbul.

French Street – For a taste of France in Istanbul, head to Fransiz (Cezayir) Sokagi, the city’s decidedly French quarter. Tucked away behind the famed Galatasaray Lycee (Galatasaray School) off Istiklal Street is a cobbled tribute to the French influence in Turkey, which has lasted for centuries. Though opened in 2004, the Street exudes a historic grace thanks to a carefully planned restoration.

The project took two years and involved the restoration of buildings and pavements. Street heaters and a special sound system were installed and century-old coal-gas lamps were imported from France, all contributing to the unique atmosphere of the quarter. The beautifully restored terraced buildings house a number of quaint boutiques and galleries as well as patisseries, wine houses, cafes and restaurants specialising in French cuisine and wines. For a top experience, try a restaurant with a roof terrace to get a unique perspective on the city.

The street behind Galatasaray High School known as Cezayir (Algeria) Street was completely renovated from head to toe by a group lead by Mehmet Taşdiken within the scope of a two-year project. The buildings and sidewalks were improved and a special music system was established. Taşdiken had close contacts with the Municipality of Paris, so the stones of the street were arranged by Parisian architects, and 100-year-old coal-gas street lamps from the Municipality of Paris were installed.

Street is 9,000 square meters and has a huge capacity and everyday 6,5000 people visit this place. The heaters on the streets allow the open areas to be used even on cold days.

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