Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge is one of my favourite places to walk and watch the sunset. Lots of foreigners that I’ve been met, told me how they fell in love with this marvellous place too. So I will give you some useful informations about both historical places and social life to save your time through the bridge stretched across the Golden Horn, connecting Eminonu to Karakoy. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a fire in 1992. The Galata Bridge is on its fifth iteration, with the current version dating from 1994.

I prefer going to the bridge in the afternoon and I recommend you to do the same. There are a lot of sea food restaurants under the bridge, the view is hauntingly beautiful over there and restaurants provide fresh delicious seafood and shisha. It is full of enjoy watching seagulls, eating amazing foods or smoking shisha at the same time. Also you can feed the seagull with some breads, it is worth for watching.

But it is not the only reason to spare some time for the Galata Bridge. You can see hundreds of fishermen casting their rods over the side, it is the most popular fishermen place in Istanbul. It is easier to capture good shots at the sunset with fishermen. Fishermen are really friendly, they are used to tourists and always smile when you turn your camera to their faces.

If you are interested with observing local people, it is a perfect place for that. You are surrounding by cheap delicious street foods, rushing people to catch the ferry and people who are spending time with their family. These things show you how the real Turkish life is. You can easily walk to Eminonu and spend some time too.

This is one of the greatest place to visit in Istanbul because it has an outstanding vibe. Enjoy!